Introducing Immergo

Our goal is to push beyond the limits of reality for immersive exercise-based telehealth.

Immergo is working to build a telehealth platform for therapists to enable greater accessibility, affordability, and accuracy of remote physical rehabilitation through off-the-shelf VR headsets. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one therapy clinic + exercise resource on a headset without the physical overhead costs: effectively doubling patient throughput through smarter biomechanical analysis and automating patient success metrics.




National Science Foundation

Proudly funded through the NSF Phase I SBIR Program

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NSF Innovations Corps

Alumni of the Bay Area Regional I-CORPS and National Program

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UC Santa Cruz

Research partnered with University of California Santa Cruz

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CITRIS Foundry

Guided by the University of California CITRIS Foundry Startup Incubator