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Intuitive and embodied remote
care in the metaverse

Supercharge your physical rehabilitation practice with 3D virtual clinics for a new form of telehealth

Real-time interaction with Patients in 3D Worlds

Easily collect patient metrics for documentation that are unobtainable on a 2D screen

Just throw on a VR headset to meet your patient from anywhere in the world

Increase your network of patients

Immergo’s telehealth platform allows for check-ins with a VR headset

Retain patients through continued care

Convenient health visits with comprehensive data

A pointcloud of dots that light up and center to become the shape of a person wearing a VR headset and holding VR controllers

Join our waitlist to try our platform for free!

We are developing our platform and launching in 2024


Have your own virtual clinic in the metaverse

With Immergo's platform, clinicians can extend their physical clinics or run their own virtual clinics independently through the metaverse

Completely virtual

Easy to set up

No physical cost

Engaged patients

A webcam pointed at a moving user with each of their joints being marked as a dot and lines drawn between the joints on the right. On the left, we have each of the dots being translated into Immergo's platform to showcase the biomechanics capabilities.
Two users meeting in Immergo's VR platform as unique humanoid avatars. One user is clicking on a menu to shift the world between a physical therapy clinic, a space station, and an open flooring while changing the world background from space, a snowy mountain, and the beach
A therapist clicks on a 'Measure ROM' button in the virtual reality platform. An avatar of the patient's movement is displayed with range of motion in degrees overlayed over the user's shoulder. Real-time graph of range of motion vs time is animated to the left of the user.

Our Supporters

Immergo NSF.webp

National Science Foundation

Proudly funded through the NSF Phase I SBIR Program

Immergo NSF2.webp

NSF Innovations Corps & SBIR

Alumni of the Bay Area

Regional I-CORPS and National Program

UC Santa Cruz.webp

University of California, Santa Cruz

Research partnered with University of California Santa Cruz

Immergo CITRIS Foundry Logo.webp

CITRIS Foundry

Supported by the UC CITRIS Foundry Startup Incubator

Increase your telehealth capabilities and help your patients succeed

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